FRP Duct Fitting Project at High-Tech Facility in Fremont, CA

Roof – From inside location / Mezanine to Scrubber

frp duct

From Roof to Water Tank (before Scrubber) then drop down to scrubber inlet

frp ducts


From top of water tank down to scrubber

frp duct repair



frp duct fabrication


frp duct



frp ducts

Completed FRP Duct Fitting for FRP Scrubber

FRP Duct Sizes: 24″,30″,36″, 24″x42″

Construction: Filament Wound & Hand Layup

Resin System: Hetron FR992 with CoNAP/MEKP in Liner and Structure

Corrosion Barrier: 100 mil w/ 2 plies of C-Veils

Gas Conveyed: Flue gas

Design Pressure: +0″/-10″ w.c. (+0/-0.36)

Design Temperature: 20 deg. F to +120 deg F max

Wind Load: ASCE 7-10 @ 115 MPH, Risk Cat. III

Seismic Load: ASCE 7-10, Ss=2.119,S1=0.871

Snow Load: NA