San Francisco Tank Inspection Photos and Guidance

electro galvanic corrosion san francisco tank repairs

Tank Inspection Observations: Blisters in liner, rust in tank coming through pin holes in liner, ladder is rusty & unsafe to use, The level of rust is indicative of the ladder losing its thickness.

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Water Proofing a Fire Water Tank in San Francisco

Tank Linings RepairWe were called upon by a condo building manager in San Francisco to remove their old commercial water tank lining, perform tank linings repair and surface preparation, and reapply a new tank lining.

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FRP Duct Fitting Design – Connecting Round & Rectangular FRP Duct

frp duct repairsSee photos from a FRP duct project completed in Fremont, CA

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San Francisco Commercial Concrete Reinforcement Project

san francisco frp wrap concrete reinforcement

Here we look at a San Francisco historical building currently occupied by a restaurant that required reinforcement for some old concrete sections.

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Steel Tank Lining Replacement

Steel Tank Linings Performed for a Corn Syrup Tank owned by Bettera Brands

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Refinery Cooling Tower FRP Wrap

FRP Coating Cooling Tower Refinery

We were called upon to provide repair and coating service for a 48″ pipe serving a cooling tower at a refinery. When we arrived at the site the steel pipe had corroded heavily and was only one tenth of an inch thick and leaking 3 drops per second. There was significant danger of the duct breaking in half and separating from the tower.

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Trailer Lining

Trailer Lining ReplacementThis tanker’s trailer lining had deteriorated and they needed the old liner removed and replaced. We have extensive experience and we were able to remove the old coating and provide a quality new finish for many years of continued service.

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Tanker / Trailer Lining at Northern CA Facility


We had the opportunity to see the differences between our appilcations and our competition’s applications at a bleach service plant. Explore the comparisons between our work and the work of others.

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Bleach Tank Repairs and Reline for Pittsburg, CA Chemical Plant


Photos from before our work was done, during the process, and the finished product. Note the precautions taken by our FRP lining experts and the thick and consistent final coating.

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Custom FRP Duct Manufacturing at Northern California Chemical Plant


We installed custom fabricated ducting for a Northern California chemical plant. View pictures of our custom fabricators building FRP elbow joints for our client.

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Custom FRP Tank Fabrication and Installation


Photos of custom FRP tank construction, transport, and installation at the site of client’s factory.

High quality, custom FRP tank was coated with white gel paint to provide additional exterior protection and to match existing tanks.

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Poor FRP Prep and Lamination Study and Repair

FRP Lining Preparation and Lamination StudyAn energy plant in Stockton, in Northern California, had a problem with leaks penetrating the scrubber to inlet joint area. You can see white chemical leaks in the flange around the inlet.

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Flaking FRP Liner Repair

Before and after photos of a flaking liner that we repaired for our biotechnology client in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Repair of 8 Leaking FRP Nozzles

Our client had 8 leaking scrubber tank nozzles, due poor workmanship by a less qualified contractor who failed to select the proper FRP putty to seal the ducting to the tanks. We were called to fix the issue.

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Water District Water Tank FRP Dome

Tank Dome Repair On-Site FRP MoldingSignificant time and money was saved by replacing only the FRP dome in-place when compared to the cost of fabricating a new tank and installing the tank at the facility.

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