On-site Tank Coating and Lining – Fast-Setting Epoxy

Using our Plural Component Sprayer we are able to complete exterior coatings and interior linings in less than 24 hours.

Our portable equipment allows us to provide coatings and linings to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and Nevada.


350k Gallon Olympic Club San Francisco, CA Tank Epoxy Coated in 1 Day


Plural Component System On-Site Setup


Plural Component System allows for application of coatings in less than 24 hours.

Our various fast-setting epoxy coatings are chemical and skid resistant. We are experienced in applying linings and coatings to a variety of substrates.


Our professional certified applicators at work applying a fast stetting epoxy w/ our Plural Component Sprayer to a concrete tank in California.


Once the walls of the concrete tank are lined we finish by spray coating the joints between walls and floor and then coating the open surface of the floor with the fast drying epoxy.

Commercial Fire Water Tank Lining Inspection, Coatings & Repairs