Why Choose Usindustrial sandblasting companis

Our clients say that we do a great job sandblasting stainless steel which is one of the hardest materials to work with.

We have engineering staff that selects the appropriate abrasives based on engineering values of the abrasive and the substrate being blasted. That is where we differentiate ourselves from other abrasive blasting companies. We use science and engineering coupled w/ engineering tests and our experience to do a quality job instead of guesswork.

Mobile Sandblasting Services

We offer mobile sandblasting services throughout most of Northern California.
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Our Process

We can perform the abrasive blasting at your facility or ours depending on the application. If you have thick old coatings you want removed we can do that as well. After the surfaces are cleaned of foreign matter, we create an anchor profile on the steel substrate to meet NACE / SSPC and other standards. This is followed by several engineering and quality control tests such as Surface profile tests (ASTM D4417, NACE), Chemical tests (pH, CSN), Adhesion tests etc. to ensure proper surface preparation for coatings and linings.

Examples of Our Work

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