FRP Product Design & FabricationUntitled-1

Picon designs & builds fiberglass (FRP) products including:
  • Fiberglass tanks, scrubbers and vessels
  • Sodium hypochlorite tanks
  • Fiberglass ducts, stacks, flumes and hoods
  • Tank trailers, food processing / agricultural trailers
  • Fiberglass pipes, pipe fittings, man ways, man holes and flanges
  • Fiberglass covers, troughs, weirs, weir plates, baffles, scum baffles and consoles
  • Fiberglass gratings, ladders, platforms, handrails, railings, steps, cages, channels, stages, decking
  • Chemical resistant, non-skid floor panels
  • Utilities, wind turbines, geothermal energy
  • Other custom corrosion-resistant products