Choosing the Best Tank Inspection, FRP Lining, Repair, and Fabrication Provider

Our clients come to us because they know that they can count on PICON for prompt, knowledgeable, effective services. We provide them with informative high quality inspection reports when necessary and reliable industrial lining and coating repairs, installs, as well as fabricated tanks, fittings, and ducting.

Why Choose PICON

PICON provides the highest quality services to limit downtime due to failure of tanks, linings, and other essential industrial equipment. Often our clients have worked with another provider in the past and come to us because they have been unhappy with the longevity of the products provided by others and sometimes because of failed repairs completed elsewhere.

Picon serves a wide range of clients who require our tank inspection, FRP linings (fiberglass), tank repairs, trailer relining, sand blasting, and/or industrial coatings services.

Some of Our Clients


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PICON Provides Inspection, FRP Lining and Industrial Coating Services for Industrial Sectors:

Chemical Trailers & Tank Trailers Utilities – Wind & Geothermal Energy
Chemical Plants and Chemical Processing Waste Water Treatment Plants
Oil and Gas – Refining & Petrochemical, Petroleum Power Generation
Gas Stations – Above & Underground Storage Tanks  Pulp and Paper Plants
Aquiculture / Aquatic Brine Making Plants
Food Processing / Agricultural Steel, Concrete, and General Industry
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