Nozzel Leak FRP Tank RepairRepairing FRP Scrubber Tank Nozzles

Our industrial client unfortunately had 8 leaking scrubber tank nozzles, due poor workmanship by a less qualified contractor who failed to select the proper FRP putty to seal the ducting to the tanks. We were called to fix the issue. The problem necessitated a complete re-installation of the FRP fittings. Unfortunately the selection of a less experienced and qualified contractor led to a costly repair which could have been avoided.

See photos below of some of our well-trained and experienced employees at work repairing a significant problem for our client. Safety and quality are our most important goals when working for our clients, you’ll notice that helmets, inhalant protection, eye protection, and high visibility personal protective equipment is worn at all time to protect our employees and prevent issue while on our client’s site.


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