Tank Lining Repairs FRPMunicipal and commercial water storage tanks represent a big investment for your company or city, so it makes sense to maximize tank lifecycles and get the best possible ROI. Steel water tanks are inevitably subject to corrosion over time, but with the right tank lining repairs you can avoid costly water tank replacement and full tank bottom replacements.

Learn Why FRP Tank Lining for Water Tank Repairs is so Popular

FRP linings used today act as a thick, protective coating bonded to the water tank bottom. Correctly installed, FRP liner systems can block internal tank corrosion and pitting for up to two decades. On older water tanks, FRP lining application can even minimize any existing external corrosion problems, because the FRP material spans and fills tiny perforations on older tanks. (Serious corrosion may require a second layer for a total thickness of 120 mil.) For newer water storage tanks, much thinner film will suffice. Users have reported linings lasting up to 35 years.

Tank Bottom Replacement or FRP Lining — Which Option Wins?

FRP tank linings aren’t perfect for every situation, for instance, cyclic loading may limit FRP lining performance when spanning large openings, so periodic inspections are crucial. Eventually, you may need major water tank repairs beyond relining with an FRP lining.  Nevertheless, these advanced water tank liners have proven their usefulness over time by significantly delaying the corrosion process, both inside and outside the tank bottom. FRP tank liners:

  • Stand up to corrosive cargo with advanced with vinyl ester resin.
  • Resist damage from high temperatures and hydraulic pressure for decades.
  • Save you money over tank bottom replacement or conventional tank linings.
  • Significantly delay tank replacement costs and help avoid expensive tank bottom repairs when not absolutely necessary.
  • Keep water tank repairs minimal, making professional tank maintenance budget friendly.
  • Minimize downtime with quick, efficient installation compared to standard linings.
  • Proven history of success.

Why Application Technique Makes all the Difference

  • Experienced application technicians use best practices to ensure reliable FRP tank liners perform for decades to come.
  • We follow meticulous cleaning procedures prior to FRP installation to ensure proper adherence.
  • We use the latest technology to assess corrosion levels an guide tank liner application, even through opaque, pigmented coatings.

Where to Get Expert Water Tank Lining Repairs

tank lining repairs made with FRPAt Picon Inc, we have been servicing steel water storage tanks and other liquid storage needs for many years. We provide full-service professional tank inspection, tank liner repairs and maintenance. We recommend and specialize in FRP tank linings as an excellent alternative to complete tank bottom replacement. Contact us for expert FRP lining installation today.