concrete strengthening for tank repair

What Makes FRP a Good Choice for Concrete Strengthening

Individually, carbon fibers are five times stronger than steel, and when those carbon fibers are impregnated with an epoxy resin, it forms a composite which makes anything it sticks to, considerably stronger. This obviously has some tremendous commercial applications, including tank leak repairs, concrete strengthening, water tank repairs in the Bay Area, and a great many construction applications. Anything in need of a low-weight, high-strength material to reinforce its natural qualities would benefit from having the CFRP composite applied to it. Here are some of the benefits of using CFRP for commercial purposes.


The CFRP composite material is extremely flexible, which allows it to be wrapped around beams and other objects in a ‘U’ shape, and it can also be applied to curved surfaces such as grain silos and concrete columns. It is also very useful in tight spaces because of its flexibility, and it can even be cut into strips of various lengths for use in reinforcing trims during construction or tank rehabilitation projects. Unlike most materials which offer superior strength, CFRP composite can be adapted to almost any shape, and because of the epoxy resin, it will adhere to almost any surface.

Superior strength 

Even construction workers are often surprised at the tremendous strength offered by CFRP composite material, especially when they learn that its strength-to-weight ratio is approximately 10 times stronger than steel alloy. The tensile strength of cured CFRP composite is roughly three times that of reinforced steel, and the combination of tensile strength and low weight make it an invaluable resource in a great many applications.

Easy to work with 

The adaptability and flexibility of CFRP composite make it very easy to work with, especially around construction sites. Materials are lightweight and compact, therefore it requires less effort to mobilize materials for use and it is far less disruptive and inconvenient on a job site. It can be applied in almost any setting, and easily transported to the site where it will be used.

Takes up little space 

Another great advantage of using CFRP composite is that it takes up very little space, and this can be very important in some applications. For instance, if the underside of a bridge required reinforcement, the composite could be applied to it without taking up critical space which is needed for vehicle clearance. Any kind of bulky concrete strengthening or reinforcement materials which might be used on jobs might well consume valuable space that causes issues for the owner of the facility. This just doesn’t happen with CFRP composite due to it’s strength a relatively thin layer of CFRP can provide enormous structural support and strength.


Because CFRP is highly resistant to corrosion, it requires far less maintenance than steel does, and it sustains far less damage from water or chemicals. That not only makes it better to use in many applications, it also makes it less expensive, because coating contractors have to perform less maintenance like painting and waterproofing. This non-corrosive quality also makes it ideal for tank rehabilitation in the Bay Area, because it will not be degraded by substances contained in the tanks.

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