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We Provide Sand Blasting Services in the Bay Area

When you need sandblasting services in the Bay Area look no further. We possess the engineering expertise, mobile sandblasting equipment, and our staff is confined-space certified to tackle any project you might have.

In addition to our mobile sand blasting equipment we also have at our disposal portable plural component sprayer equipment to not only prepare your steel or concrete surfaces but completely reline or coat your water or chemical tanks including tractor trailer tanks.

No matter what surface you need sand or abrasive blasted we can help you determine the appropriate abrasive to use for the job. By carefully selecting your blast medium we are able to provide whatever surface profile is demanded for the project.

We have experience with stainless steel sandblasting service which requires additional expertise due to the hardness of stainless steel. Surface profile measurements are critical with stainless steel sandblasting services due to the high risk of poor adhesion from a bad anchor profile on the substrate surface, but we have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure a quality product. We perform a battery of tests using ASTM and NACE standards to test the profile of the blasted surface before a new stainless steel tank lining or coating is applied

Abrasives and Sand Blasting Bay Area

We provide scientifically engineered abrasive to match your situation. We take time to evaluate what should be removed and what needs to be kept. We evaluate the Mohr Hardness values of abrasives versus the substrate we are sandblasting. Abrasives we use come in various grits and sizes and include: brown fused aluminum oxide, white aluminum oxide, garnet, walnut, cob and more.

After working with our professional crew this is what Timothy G from Phillips 66 had to say:

“The crew you sent out were great and did an excellent job . It is always nice towork with a professional group that knows what to do and how to do it.”

From Testing to Sand Blasting to Lining and Coating Our Professional Bay Area Crew Can Help

You need sandblasting services and commercial coatings and linings to ensure long-lasting equipment at your facility, and we have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to complete high quality work that will outlast our competitors. Call  or contact us today to discuss your project needs.