commercial trailer liner repair

Proper tank and trailer liners are crucial to protect commercial tanks against chemical absorption. Choosing the right tank liners allows you to store and transport different loads of corrosive substances without chemical damage. Let’s look at the many types of commercial trailer liners, along with their purposes and benefits–which go well beyond potential tank corrosion.

Bulk Trailer and Trailer Liner Types

  • Stainless Steel Chemical Trailers: Bulk SS tankers (DOT 407) are suitable for moving flammable or corrosive chemicals in a variety of hazardous material applications. Careful washing protects against only the mildest, least reactive contents. A rubber-lined trailer should be your standard for complete protection from both vessel damage and cross-contamination of contents from prior loads.
  • Corrosive Liquid Bulk Trailers: As a bulk trailer (TC-412) for corrosive products, stainless steel or rubber lined carbon tanks, or Fiberglass Reinforced Poly (FRP) trailers work well. Versatile and lightweight, FRPs are very effective in transporting strong corrosives in hazmat applications, as well as other products–as needed for cost-effective backhauls.
  • Non-Code Hot Product Trailers: Hot product tankers safely haul materials such as hot sulfur or asphalt. These trailers hold up under the high temperature and pressure of these and similar products.
  • Sanitary Food-Grade Tankers: Sanitary stainless steel trailers are ideal for hauling food products. With a food-grade prewash, 407 tanks or FRPs are also suitable, depending upon shipper specifications. Some food grade shipments require Kosher trailers, with a proper wash, inspection, and blessing, which incur added expense.
  • Petrochemical Trailers: The aluminum DOT 407 trailer is designed to carry crude oil.
  • Petroleum Tanks: Aluminum DOT 406 gasoline trucks and trailers, complete with flammable-vapor recovery systems, help to safely transport fuel through populated areas. Their easy mobility in tight spaces and simple off-loading make them the perfect solution for this hauling task. (A check system prevents product flow into unsuitable, unprotected tanks.)
  • Multi-Compartment Tankers: This term describes tanks (of any type) with separate internal sections for transporting multiple products simultaneously. However, when hauling products of varying temperatures, hazardous bleed between adjacent tanks is a risk.

Get Expert Advice to Choose the Right Commercial Trailer Liner

Cost-effective tank liners, when properly selected, offer multiple benefits. They not only protect storage and transport vessels–they also maintain liquid cargo purity by preventing cargo contamination from prior loads. Maximal crosslink density in polymer tank linings, creating an impermeable barrier, is the key to optimizing cargo hauling.

Be sure to choose an experienced coating provider for commercial trailer liner repair to protect all your valuable assets, including equipment and cargo. Contact the tank lining experts at Picon FRP, Inc, so you always get the right type of high-quality liner for your shipment. Call 510-232-0065 or contact us on our website today!