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At Picon, we’re always excited to see people in the industries we serve doing good work. That’s why we’re taking a short break from writing about Bay Area tank linings and dedicating this post to highlighting some of the notable news related to Sherwin-Williams’s 2020 Water & Wastewater Impact Award. According to Sherwin-Williams, this award is meant to highlight “excellence in delivering long-term asset protection” in the area of “water and wastewater infrastructure.”

Tank Repair And Lining Company Takes The Top Prize

The project that earned first place took place in Bluffdale, Utah, where eight concrete basins were restored during a process overseen by three parties:

  • The South Valley Sewer District (SVSD).
  • CDC Restoration & Construction, a contractor attached to the project.
  • The inspection and engineering firm Bowen, Collins & Associates (BC&A).

The basins, which had fallen into a deteriorated state, are located at the SVSD’s Jordan Basin Water Reclamation Facility, where they form “the facility’s bioreactor (MBR) system,” per WaterWorld magazine. In other words, the chemicals used to clean the basins had corroded them.

The deterioration was caused by the “corrosive membrane filter cleaning process,” which led to the loss of up to three-quarters of an inch of concrete in the basins. Following an analysis from BC&A, CDC Restoration and Construction undertook the work of concrete restoration in the basins. Then, the contractor installed “durable, non-permeable” tank linings that will provide lasting, effective protection for the basins’ concrete. The turnaround from the basins’ previous degraded state is striking, as is their solid status going forward.

The Runner-Up Prize

The runner-up prize went to the people and organizations involved in a new construction project: the building of the Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant (GFRWTP) in North Datoka. Time was of the essence in this project, and its managers were able to save much of it by selecting certain coating selections for the plant’s basins. A key move was to choose a one-coat Sherwin-Williams lining system over five- or six-coat systems. When combined with other expedient decisions, that choice preserved “more than two weeks of lining installation time.” Organizations involved in this success included the Traill Painting Company, AE2S, Ulliman Schutte Construction, and Champion Coatings.

The Honorable Mention

An honorable mention went to a project involving coating application from TMI Coatings and inspection and engineering support from Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. Those parties worked to restore the interior and exterior of a potable water tower in St. Paul, Minnesota. The tower has a 500,000-gallon capacity, and it became the first to feature a recently approved type of lining system on its interior. On the exterior, applicators installed a “system with excellent color and gloss retention,” meaning the tower was effectively refreshed both inside and out. That is excellent work for a single project.

Bay Area Tank Lining and Fiberglass Repairs Services

Congratulations again to the winners. While our focus is on Bay Area tank linings repair and installation, we’re glad to see other companies and organizations from across the country doing great work! If you’re in need of repairs, linings or coatings services in the Bay Area call Picon FRP, Inc. at 510-232-0065 or contact us today.