bay area tank rehabilitation

Bay Area Commercial Fire Water Tank Rehabilitation

When it comes to rehabilitating a tank, some methods are better than others, but it’s critical to handle the job promptly and correctly. For example, buildings that use large tanks to power their fire suppression systems may become vulnerable if the tank fails during fire season. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such problems.

Why Tank Rehabilitation Matters

Large buildings often rely on big water tanks to house water for their fire sprinklers. These tend to look sturdy, but even if a commercial fire water tank doesn’t show outward signs of wear and tear, it may still need rehabilitation, especially if it’s an older tank or is in a harsh environment. Water tanks generally come with a waterpoof membrane, which keeps water in the tank. However, these can fail, especially after 10 years or more of service. That leads to leaks.

While leaks may not sound so bad on their own, they can have cascading ripple effects. Water can and does corrode other materials over time, so a leak can cause additional damage to a tank. Additionally, a failing membrane may create debris, which in turn could interfere with other components of the fire suppression system.

And keep in mind that tank erosion isn’t a problem just for large, multifamily or commercial buildings. For instance, a Bay Area domestic water tank that goes out of service for too long may leave a house with a diminished water supply during one of the region’s hot spells. All of these are reasons to keep water tanks in good shape through tank rehabilitation.

Rehabbing a Tank 

Tank rehabilitation projects vary in scope, but one of the best methods for restoring a tank is replacing its lining (or membrane). This is far from a DIY project: Replacing a membrane involves cramped spaces and special techniques, so it’s important to bring professionals aboard. Additionally, hiring properly qualified, experienced workers will help avoid poor installations.

Replacing the lining of a tank has many benefits. It can make a tank’s usable life span much longer, and it also typically takes less time than replacing a tank outright, which is a critical factor for tanks that have important jobs like storing fire suppression water. Best of all, you’ll know that your tank is ready the next time it’s needed.

Contact the Best Tank Rehabilitation Company in the Bay Area

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