Common Water Tank Types and Liners

frp water tank fabricationNo matter what type of water tank you are using even small leaks must be addressed quickly to prevent waste and worsening problems. The good news is that a schedule of regular inspections and maintenance can prevent most water tank repairs. Even better news is that most water tanks and water tank liners are designed to last for many years with little or no maintenance.

This is true whether you tank is made from traditional steel, concrete or fiber reinforced plastic (FRP or fiberglass). Due to modern manufacturing methods, all three types of tanks will last for years. But that doesn’t mean you can just install them and forget them.

3 Types of Water Tanks

Steel and concrete have been used for water tanks for centuries. Both stand up well to the elements and don’t rust.

Did you know that the Steel Tank Institute has 24 installations on its honor roll, called the Century Club? These are steel water tanks still in service across the country after 100 years of use.

Fiberglass is fairly new to the industry and demand is growing every year. Users say the material is well suited to water applications because it doesn’t corrode like other water tank liners can.

Long-Lasting, But Not Maintenance-Free

All three—concrete, steel and fiberglass—are highly durable. But all materials degrade over time. And damage is always a possibility, due to a variety of causes. It might be deterioration of the surface from the UV rays of the sun, or rust and corrosion in the tank linings.

The interior of the tank is also at risk. A minor mishap when the tank was fabricated, like a tool falling and hitting the interior. Such a simple thing, but it can scratch the coating protecting the tank liners, allowing rust to gradually form inside.

Regular Inspections and Immediate Repairs

The only way to catch potential problems is a schedule of preventive maintenance, following manufacturer’s recommendations. In most cases, that’s every 3 to 5 years.

It starts with an inspection, including testing the tank. A skilled inspector knows how to do a thorough examination, checking for anything that might affect its integrity.

If problems show up during the inspection, smart managers know how to perform tank lining repairs quickly and so that they will last just as long as the water tank will. The cost is far less and it adds years to the functional life of the water tank. Tank liner repairs, as well as surface and pipe fixes, prevents major damage and replacement costs.

The choice is clear: have your water tank inspected regularly. You’ll save money and frustration, and your water tank will last years, even decades, longer.

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