“I have been doing Fiberglass inspection since composite tanks were introduced into the transportation business and I have never witnessed a better job than what you and your team do.”

Jack B, Inspector, Cal Tanklines

“I appreciate your work for us in a timely manner and want to continue our great business relations.”

– Brian W, Operations Supervisor, Univar

“Appreciate the work you do for us “

– Richard W, VP Operations, Quality Distribution

“Thank you so much for helping us out and repairing the manway cover when we were up against the wall for making deliveries with this unit. So far everything is working out fine.”

– Al M, Operations Manager, PVS Chemicals

“We really are impressed with the turn around on this trailer. Thanks again for your help.”

– Jeff M, VP Operations, Bulk Transport

“I want you to know I trust your opinion and when you tell me what it needs we will do that. You have also become my chemical engineer”

– Jack B, Operations, California Tanklines / Chemical Transfer

Yes we will bring the other 2 dome lids for you to work your magic on.”

– Scott L, Operations Manager, Northstar Chemical

“Awesome job! All the tankers you have lined are doing well.”

– Wade C, VP Operations, CalCoast Acidizing