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Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Proves an Effective Concrete Strengthening Solution

What is FRP?

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems have proved worthwhile in the strengthening of damaged concrete structures. They are also used for masonry structures that are scheduled for upgrading as well as for water tank repair. They were initially used in the automotive and civil industries to offer rigidity in a number of applications. FRPs are a blend of E-glass or carbon fibers and a polymer material. The reinforcement offers high-strength even though they are lightweight.

Structural engineers design the FRP solutions while a field contractor installs them. Owners of structures can solve numerous challenges on their structures with FRP solutions. Durability problems, seismic retrofit, and aging infrastructure problems can all be taken care of with ease.

Advantages of FRP

The lightweight nature of the solutions makes them stand out from what was previously offered. The composite can be applied with much ease. Even with this simplicity, users still get enhanced shear strengths on their structures. Traditional renovation methods were plagued with a host of challenges including difficulties with installation as well as corrosion. The resultant retrofit was not very different from the damaged structures.

FRP is a cost-effective solution that won’t need you to suspend the use of your structure. The labor and preparation costs are considerably reduced. The aesthetic value of your structure will remain intact, and you won’t have to worry about corrosion. The solutions are also designed to suit numerous coatings and finishes. Traditional materials were hardly applied in tight workspaces. This challenge is extensively taken care of with the advent of the FRP solutions. The spatial impact on your structure is also highly negligible.

Applications of FRP strengthening

Top on the list of the applications of FRP systems is concrete strengthening for damaged structures. Flexural strengthening and ductility improvement can also be achieved with the FRP wraps. An FRP system will provide far much better strength when used for tank repairs compared to steel reinforcement and other traditional methods. The systems increase the strength of structures when energy is dissipated throughout the structure.

Why are FRP solutions the best option?

Some companies who have shunned from using FRP solutions insist that the materials cost slightly more than the conventional material. They, however, fail to acknowledge the reduced downtime and lower labor costs. The ease of installation of FRP wraps also means that users do not need specialized equipment. All these features make FRP solutions the best option for concrete strengthening applications.
Get high tensile strength for your structure without compromising on its aesthetic value at an affordable price.

Bay Area Tank Repair and Concrete Strengthening Using FRP

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