waterproofing tank coatings to prevent water tank repairs

There are many factors to consider when choosing a steelĀ  tank for your facility. You need to think about the volume of the tank, what exactly is going to be stored, and whether you can plan coatings or waterproofing to stave off tank leak repair needs. One factor that sometimes gets overlooked by those not in the know is how to waterproof tanks and prevent corrosion. Waterproofing a tank usually involves adding a protective coating to the inside of the tank. Since there isn’t one coating that will protect your tank from absolutely everything, you need to decide what kind of coating you will need.

How to Decide – Water Tank Coatings and Waterproofing

The first and arguably most important factor to consider when choosing tank coatings for a water or chemical tank is the kind of exposure it is likely to experience. You no doubt know what you need to store in your tank, but you also need to consider the kinds of conditions your tank will be exposed to. You need to consider how the weather could affect a tank if it is stored outside, what kinds of harsh chemicals could come in contact with the outside of the tank, what kind of temperatures the tank and its contents will be exposed to, and whether the tank coatings will see any kind of abrasion. All of this is just as important as what you will be storing in your tank, so keep it in mind.

Another thing you need to consider is how long your coating of choice is intended to last. While it might be easy just to say that you want a tank coating that will last as long as possible, that’s not always necessary. It’s certainly useful to choose a tank coating that will last for years, but sometimes all your tank coatings need a quick touch-up or minor water tank repairs to revitalize an existing coating or tank lining. This might be the case if your existing coating is in relatively good condition aside from some minor abrasions, but it might also be needed if your company’s CEO needs to see the tank and be assured that the coatings are in good shape.

In any event, there is no denying that having a strong coating on the inside and waterproofing coating outside of your storage tanks is important. It prevents the need for frequent water tank repairs, and ensures that your potable water and any other products that need to be stored remain in good condition.

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