frp water tank repairs

Many people don’t think about their water tank repairs schedule until something goes wrong. However, there are steps you can take to head off inconvenient, costly water tank malfunctions.

Selecting the Right Materials

If you are installing a new water tank, the first step to preventing malfunctions is to select the right materials for your needs. For example, systems that store potable water will have different requirements than systems that store non-potable water.

Typically, you can choose between fiberglass, steel, and concrete. The installation company can help you choose the right type of tank for your needs. For example, those looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting water tank might turn to fiberglass as their material of choice.

Testing and Water Tank Linings Inspection

Without regular testing and inspection, it is virtually impossible to predict when a water tank will develop a problem. You can think of a water tank like a car: It might seem fine for months or years on end, but if a mechanic isn’t paying attention and performing regular maintenance, the car will eventually develop a damaging problem.

Likewise, sticking to a testing and inspection schedule is essential to identifying potential problems with a water tank before they become serious. Water tank manufacturers typically provide recommended schedules, and it is advisable to hire a professional team to carry testing and inspections out. Usually, testing and inspection occurs every three to five years.

Though related, testing and inspections serve two different purposes. Testing shows the tank’s health, how well it is performing in the present. Inspections predict how a tank will do in the future that is, if it has any problems on the horizon. Considerations include whether there are obvious signs of malfunctions (i.e., water leaking through tank liners) and less obvious signs (i.e., if a tank’s UV-protection coating needs to be replaced). Afterward, the tester/inspector will provide a written report with their recommendations for maintenance or repairs.

Water Tank Repairs and Maintenance

Preventative water tank repairs are just as important as regular testing and inspecting. For instance, if an inspection shows a worrisome amount of rust on a steel tank, then the rusted area should be repaired or replaced before the problem becomes worse. The tank refurbish process can even be an opportunity to upgrade your water tank; for example, outdated or worn-out tank linings can be replaced with more modern options, like fiber reinforced linings.

By selecting the right materials, regularly having your tank tested and inspected, and keeping on top of regular maintenance, you can greatly extend your water tank’s life span and avoid surprising, expensive malfunctions.

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