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Commercial Coatings and Linings Prevent Early Tank Degradation

Fluid storage tanks are a crucial part of any industry and are used to hold anything from water to organic waste. Unfortunately, these tanks are in a constant state of deterioration thanks to corrosion. Even “simple” materials such as water will naturally corrode a metal tank over time, which will lead to problems such as leaking tanks, collapsing tank walls, and cross-contamination if tanks are used for more than one purpose. Many of these problems are inevitable results of using any storage tank for a long period of time, but many of them can also be mitigated by commercial coatings and tank liners. You will still need to invest in a tank leak repair service, but the right coatings and liners can extend the life of your storage tanks greatly. Here are just a few¬†things to consider when it comes to using commercial coatings in your storage tanks.

Rubber Liners Have a Relatively Short Life

The simplest solution when it comes to protecting storage tanks is to use a rubber barrier liner inside them. While a rubber barrier might work fine as a commercial fire water tank liner, rubber simply won’t last as long as a polymer such as polyurethane or polyurea. Rubber also has a tendency to absorb materials and cause the cross-contamination mentioned earlier, and it can be damaged by more corrosive chemicals. Rubber linings also often have to be thicker than polyurethane or polyurea linings, which can reduce a tank’s storage capacity.

Spray-On Polymer Coatings

The best way to prevent a new tank from corroding too soon is to apply a spray-on polymer coating before it is used. These coatings can be applied quickly and easily to practically any surface, they are thin enough not to impact the storage capacity of a tank, and they are often more resistant to harsher chemicals than rubber linings are. It’s always best to have these coatings applied to tanks before they are used, but they can be applied to a tank that has been recently repaired as long as the damage isn’t too severe. Many of these coatings can be treated with antimicrobial agents to ensure a clean inner surface for your tanks and their contents. Since the coatings are applied directly to the surface of the tank and not as a liner that is inserted, they are also able to prevent CUI, or corrosion under insulation. CUI is one of the leading causes of tank leaks and failure in the petrochemical industry, and any coating that prevents this issue will always be welcome.

Commercial Coatings and Linings Serving the Bay Area and California

If you want a way to protect your company’s storage tanks from corrosion that will be much more effective than traditional rubber liners, contact us today. We will be happy to tell you about the kinds of commercial coatings available in the Bay Area.