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As a local Bay Area business that relies on commercial water tanks, you need your tanks to remain in service for many years, resisting corrosion. Abrasive blasting for surface prep, prior to applying protective coating, makes long-term tank performance possible. By far, the best way to provide long-lasting corrosion resistance is through properly applied tank coatings, which create a protective surface for your stainless steel holding tanks.

Tank Coating Failures Typically Traced to Poor Surface Preparation

One of the vital parts of the tank coating process is surface prep, in the form of abrasive sandblasting from a reliable Bay Area coatings contractor. This surface sandblasting, when done just prior to applying an anti-corrosive coating, helps the protective coating adhere extremely well to the tank walls. Intact coating reduces the need for water tank re-cleaning and re-coating. A thorough sandblasting process, followed by high-quality coating, gives you a quality holding tank that you can count on to support your business needs, well into the future.

Surface Prep Secrets Maximize Longevity for Protective Tank Coatings

These factors boost the effectiveness and longevity of metal tank coatings:

  • Meticulous sandblasting prepares the metal tank substrate to hold the protective coating that will soon be applied. The sandblasted surface makes for a stronger bond between tank surface and coating material.
  • Abrasive blasting speeds up surface prep significantly, and is more effective than methods like sanding or wire brushing. Blasting is more thorough than chemical stripping.
  • Climate control is key for high quality surface preparation. Temperature and humidity must be kept low to prevent condensation and excess environmental moisture, which could otherwise cause metal oxidation and/or interfere with the protective coating application and drying process.
  • Prompt coating application, after our Bay area abrasive blasting process, avoids problems like flash rust on the tank, and prevents delamination or bubbling/blistering of the coating.
  • Steel grit or white aluminum oxide abrasives are top options for aggressive steel tank cleaning (and surface penetration).
  • We choose the proper particle size to best prepare your water tanks for final coating.
  • The precise selection of sandblasting medium allows us to control the roughness (or surface profile) of the tank, for optimal coating adhesion.
  • Sandblasting is budget-friendly compared to other surface prep methods.

Protect your investment in commercial water tanks and extend their useful life with proper surface prep and coating. You can count on our Bay Area sandblasting service for expert abrasive blasting and anti-corrosion coating.

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