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Tank Linings and Tank Leak Repair

Because of their light weight, high durability, and relatively inexpensive costs, FRP tanks are the choice of many municipalities and businesses. With these tanks, there are some maintenance and repair considerations to keep in mind. Doing so can greatly extend the usable life of FRP tanks and their accompanying infrastructure.


Over time, the interior of a tank can wear down, especially when a tank is holding corrosive chemicals. Replacing a worn-out tank is certainly an option in such a case; however, replacing tank linings can be a much more economical decision. This needn’t be thought of as just a quick fix, either: If chosen correctly, a high-quality lining can provide long-lasting protection.

UV Damage

Outdoor FRP structures may be vulnerable to long-term exposure to sunlight. That’s because UV rays can damage FRP over time, a topic which researchers have delved into. Fiber blooming, for instance, is a phenomenon caused by UV exposure, and it leads to problems like exposed glass fibers and a reduction in the ability of the FRP to resist chemicals. Fortunately, applying a UV-resistant coat can help keep UV damage at bay. Installing such a coat is often the final step in installation and repair projects.

Laminate Problems

Laminate problems are another issue that can necessitate tank leak repair. These may emerge if air becomes trapped in the laminate during manufacturing. Once air is trapped in laminate, it may result in voids. Voids have a number of ill effects on a tank, including reduced tensile, shear, and compressive strength.

The end result may be cracks and weakness. Manufacturers need to be diligent to prevent voids from occurring; for instance, achieving the proper curing temperature is critical, as is careful mixing of the resin.

What You Can Do

While FRP tanks are quite durable, they are not indestructible, just like any other structure. A proactive inspection and preventative maintenance plan is invaluable when it comes to keeping a tank in good shape. It’s advisable to perform yearly inspections.

Familiarize yourself with how your tank should look, and keep an eye out for deviations from that appearance. Specifically, discoloration, blistering, cracking, and the buildup of crystals are all warning signs. Also be on the lookout for flanges that are displaying damage.

Being vigilant for these sorts of problems will help you catch them early. In turn, that will allow you to take the steps necessary to mitigate further damage, like scheduling a water tank repair.

Bay Area Based Tank Repair Services

Picon FRP provides full-service tank repair, coating and lining services as well as fabrication of FRP tanks. Please contact us if we can assist you in inspecting, repairing, relining or coating your tanks or if you need help with a custom project!