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Storage tanks handle all types of liquids, from basic H20 to harsh chemicals. They’re designed to last, but even the best products can leak or rust from exposure to the elements or because of age. When a tank needs repairs, you can try to patch it, but those types of repairs may not be permanent. As an alternate to replacing the tank, fiberglass liner repair may be just what you need to get up to 20 more years of use out of the tank. Read more »

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Determining the Best Approach: Water Tank Repairs or Replacement?

Water is vital to our lives. Reportedly, 327 billion gallons of water are used daily in the U.S. Water storage tanks are widely used commercially for purposes that include drinking water, fire suppression, agriculture, food manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing, among many others. Many municipalities utilize commercial water storage tanks to service their water needs.

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Why this Coatings Contractor in the Bay Area Loves Fiberglass

Fiberglass tanks bring a host of benefits to property owners and managers. And when it comes time to repair one, the tank rehabilitation process can be easy and relatively downtime-free. This article looks at specific reasons why fiberglass tanks bring so much to the table and why Picon, a Bay Area coatings contractor, recommends them. Read more »

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What Can FRP Repairs Be Used For?

Fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRPs) are composite materials used in commercial and industrial applications. FRPs have been used for many years to repair or reline tanks that hold water or other chemicals, but there are many other uses of this strong and corrosive-resistant material. A coatings contractor in the Bay Area can help you use FRP in your applications and make FRP repairs. Read more »

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Water Tank Repairs for Commercial Water Tanks

Over time, concrete infrastructure can deteriorate because of factors such as weather conditions and corrosive substances. While this does present some challenges, like the potential for tank downtime, there are also tank repair methods that can greatly lessen the pain.

The Challenges

Concrete tanks play many infrastructural roles, with some primary ones being storing drinking water, fire suppression water, or wastewater for a municipality. In the case of drinking and fire water tanks, the climate can pose a challenge: Freeze-thaw cycles are just one way that changing temperatures can stress concrete, eventually necessitating tank leak repair. Other potential issues include spalling, which is the development of flaking, or crack formation, which may be the culprit of shifting soil. And wastewater tanks may face even more issues, as the abrasive chemicals necessary to treat human waste can also inflict stress on the tanks charged with wastewater storage.

Many of today’s public and commercial water tanks have been in service for decades, giving the aforementioned forces plenty of time to cause damage. And because of the critical roles tanks play, no matter the type of water they store, project planners can understandably be hesitant to undertake water tank repairs or replacements that will knock the infrastructure out of service for an extended period. As an example, tanks that store fire suppression water can’t safely go out of service for long—but at the same time, maintenance projects are necessary to keep them in good shape.

Overcoming the Challenges

One option to deal with an aging tank is to replace it entirely. That may be a good option for particularly aged tanks, but it can also be time consuming and expensive.

Luckily, there are less burdensome repair routes, which involves techniques like the installation of liners and coatings. By applying a lining to a degraded portion of a tank, professional installers can often extend the tank’s life. Coatings, meanwhile, provide an extra layer of protection. Oftentimes, once a crew has access to a tank, such projects can be completed in under 24 hours, letting the tank move back into service quickly.

Commercial Water Tank Leak leak Repair

No matter the methods the project ends up using, it’s important to contact professionals before a tank degrades too much. Setting up a tank inspection is a good first step.

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Why FRP Duct, Linings, & Tanks?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) used in tank linings make great long-term solutions for repairs and maintenance. The material is designed to last for 20 years or more, with minimal maintenance requirements. FRP wraps are a reliable alternative to replacing pipes, ducts, and liners, as well as being affordable. Here’s a breakdown about the benefits of fiberglass tank repairs. Read more »

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Water tanks are used for many commercial and domestic purposes.Commercial water tank can be used for municipal storage, agriculture, fire suppression, industrial manufacturing, and commercial food and beverage production. In every application, it is important that the water in the tank is kept clean of impurities and that there are no tank leaks.   Read more »