FRP Tank Repairs

Even though fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks are durable for up to 40 years, they are still vulnerable to damage from various factors. Thorough inspections of FRP tank liners are required every five years, although a quick visual inspection at least twice a year is recommended. You won’t need tank liner repairs or replacements that frequently, but regular inspections can let you know when your tank liners are failing.

What is Involved in an Inspection – FRP Tank Repairs

During an external inspection, the storage tank is inspected for UV damage, cracks, blisters or bubbles, topcoat veil deterioration, and other signs of wear and tear. Minor scratches and discoloration on the outside of a storage tank are to be expected, but the other signs of damage indicate that the tank could be failing and may need to be replaced.

Interior inspections happen less frequently, but they are arguably more important than exterior inspections. For an interior inspection, the inspector needs to gain access to the tank itself, either through a manhole if the tank is underground or through some other access point if it’s above ground. The inspector will still look for the same signs of damage such as cracks, pits on the surface, peeling, and wrinkling in the fiberglass.

Even though interior inspections are required every five years, you may need more frequent inspections if you’re storing more caustic materials. For example, sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite are both far more caustic and corrosive than other materials commonly stored in FRP tanks, so they have inspection intervals of two years. Naturally, these tanks also need to be relined more frequently, and the tanks themselves have a shorter lifespan.

In any case, FRP tank liner inspections are crucial for any company that uses storage tanks for caustic materials. Failing tank liners can leak dangerous chemicals into the surrounding ground, and FRP tank repairs themselves can cost thousands of dollars in some cases.

FRP Tank Liner Repairs in the Bay Area

If you suspect that your own tanks are failing or if it has been some time since your last inspection, contact us today. We specialize in FRP tanker repairs and inspections, and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.