California Tank Refurbish Including Tank Repairs and Tank Lining

tank leak repair

70,000 gal each x 3 tanks​
Diameter = 14 feet, Length ~ 70 ft ​
Sodium Hypochlorite​
San Francisco Bay Area, CA​

Tank Testing and Inspection Performed:

    1. Dew Point Tests​
    2. Barcol Hardness Tests​
    3. Adhesion Tests​
    4. Acetone Sensitivity Tests​
    5. Wireless Temperature Monitors​

Nozzle Replacement:

    1. 8 inch flange was cut and replaced with a new 8” integral FRP flange (one piece construction). ​
    2. ASME RTP-1 standards (eg. thickness and overlays) to install the new FRP laminates for the new flange.​

tank liningsCorrosion barrier removed​
Typically 100 mils thick corrosion barrier is removed until sound substrate is achieved. ​

tank linings california

Test for Sound substrate after corrosion barrier removal

fiberglass tank repair

Other Tests to verify substrate is ready for FRP lamination:​

  1. pH​
  2. chemical tests​

Rebuild internal FRP layers​
Resin/Catalyst System: Derakane 411 BPO/DMA w/ post-cure heat​

fiberglass tank repairs

New Flanges Installed​
Fill nozzle replaced

frp repairs

Environmentals – Dew Point​
Ts – Td > 5 deg F​
Ts > 60 deg F​
Proper environmental conditions must be maintained during FRP lamination​



fiberglass tank repairtank refurbish california

tank liner repairs

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