Steel Tank Lining Repairs by PICON in Los Gatos, CA

A customer in Los Gatos, CA required tank lining repairs fora Aqua Ammonia tank which was used to store max 19% aqueous ammonia. Chemical storage tank and manway cover before repairs are pictured below.

tank liner repairs

Initially we were expecting to perform surface preparation and patchwork on the manway cover, however after beginning surface preparation we noticed that the manway cover began to ooze liquid from beneath the liner and at that point we decided that fully relining the manway cover was the best and most effective course of action. See photos of oozing liquid from beneath the manway cover tank lining below.


Removing Tank Lining from Manway Cover

In addition to the manway cover, the manway required repairs, which are detailed below in photos.

After repairing the manway cover and manway on the tank we began tank inspection of the interior tank lining. We found significant blistering on the tank lining both on the walls of the tank as well as the floor of the tank. Surface preparation including grinding down to bare metal followed by application of Derkane 8084 vinyl ester resin primer, followed by Derkane 411, MEKP catalyst and Fabric: M=1.5oz chopped strand mat V=C-Veil.

tank liner repairs

Following completion of the relining of the manway cover and completing interior tank lining patches testing was performed including Barcol Hardness tests showing 30-33 (mimimum specification is 27).

Correlations below a Barcol-Coleman Impressor Number of 35(x-axis in below graph) cannot be established. This is due to the physical characteristics of soft materials that render uniform correlation between different hardness measurement systems very difficult.

barcol hardness test for tank linings