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A reliable, durable and long-lasting tank coating relies upon expert prep work. Whether your liquid storage tank linings are installed in the field after purchase, or needs a new lining prior to re-purposing the tank, careful preparation is key to protect your equipment investment. The old coating (and/or any initial corrosion) must be removed thoroughly and completely to Near White Cleanliness or White Metal Blast level, to provide a proper surface for the application of new tank linings. With proper interior and exterior tank coatings, plus timely water tank repair and maintenance from your experienced coatings contractor in the Bay Area, your storage tanks (and corrosion resistant tank linings) will provide many years of reliable service for your business.

Surface Prep for Water Tank Linings: Cleaning and Resurfacing

Our abrasive sandblasting service in the Bay Area provides speedy cleaning of holding tanks and effectively removes old coatings, preparing and roughing up the surface to be re-lined. Proper abrasive blasting is superior to chemical coating removal processes, because blasting helps ensure that the new tank coating adheres well, to protect the tank long term. A careful surface prep process includes:

  • Inspecting the current tank lining for failure or existing corrosion.
  • Recommending the best new or replacement tank lining material for your tank type and intended purpose, such as fiber reinforced plastic tanks and tank linings.
  • Selecting the optimal media for sandblasting or grit blasting your tanks prior to applying the new coating.
  • Achieving uniform sandblasting results and mill profile, including in areas difficult to reach, for optimal adhesion of the new lining.
  • Using filtration equipment to prevent airborne particles from affecting the new coating’s adhesion.
  • Tenting, and using special abrasives that help contain dust, to prevent VOCs and other contaminants from escaping beyond our work area.
  • Applying the new tank coating promptly, after removing the old lining material, to prevent environmental impurities from marring the prepped and sandblasted surface.

Tank Inspections from the Leading Coatings Contractor Bay Area

Caring for your industrial water tank, like your other manufacturing and production equipment, requires specialized knowledge and experience. Whether your tanks are metal or fiberglass, and used for water, other liquid, or gas vapor storage, periodic tank inspections are crucial. Our experts can advise you when repairs or new tank lining is needed. Our meticulous surface preparation as a leading coatings contractor in the bay area helps ensure that your new tank coating adheres properly, to provide the long term durability your business requires. We are dedicated to water tank repair, and tank lining or re-lining, done right–so that your business continues uninterrupted. Contact us today.