fiberglass tank repairs

Caring for Your Water Tanks with Fiberglass Tank Repair in San Francisco

With proper maintenance, water tanks that incorporate fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) can last for decades. But maximizing their lifespan depends on preventative maintenance and periodic repairs. In this article, you’ll learn about how those work.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance serves the same purpose for fiberglass water tanks as it does for cars: keeping the tank in good condition and catching small problems before they become big ones. All good preventative maintenance plans have inspections at their core. Inspections are meant to uncover symptoms of problems like these:

  • Cracking
  • Worn-off coating
  • Buildup of sediment
  • Worn-out flanges
  • Discoloration
  • Blisters on the tank surface

Tank owners and property managers can often perform basic inspections on their own. However, it’s also a good idea to have a pro visit for periodic inspections. The watchful eye of someone experienced with tank maintenance is invaluable when it comes to keeping tanks in service for as long as possible.


When an inspection detects a tank problem, professionals can identify the source of the issue. For instance, sometimes the problem stems from UV damage. A telltale sign is a breakdown of the material on a tank’s surface. Even in relatively cloudy areas like San Francisco, water tank repairs may become a necessity thanks to UV rays. Luckily, having a pro repair the tank and apply an anti-UV gel coat can usually solve the problem and head off future UV damage.

Other types of fiberglass tank repair take place on the interior. One reason interior repairs are sometimes needed is corrosion, which may occur in water tanks even though most people don’t think of water as particularly corrosive. Unusually hot or cold temperatures may stress the inside of a tank as well. But while a tank’s interior faces multiple threats, the solution is often as simple as relining the tank. Doing so with a fiberglass liner is a cost-effective way to install a long-lasting fix.

Keeping Your Tank in Service – Fiberglass Repairs in San Francisco

In cases of extensive damage, replacing the tank can become necessary. However, inspections, maintenance, and routine repairs are usually enough to keep any tank in service for a long time. To avoid the downtime and expenses associated with a tank replacement, it’s worth your while to be proactive.

If you’re in need of tank inspections, routine maintenance, or fiberglass repairs in San Francisco, you can easily get a professional on the job. Just reach out to Picon FRP, and we’ll take care of you.