Water Tank Repairs in San Francisco

Water Tank Repairs in San Francisco Using Fiberglass

Whether you need a new tank or water tank repairs in San Francisco, you will pay less overall when the job is done right the first time. A trained, reputable contractor is always the best choice for doing this type of job.

Why Fiberglass for Storage Tanks?

Since fiberglass is such a durable material, it is a popular choice in water tank construction. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) water tanks hold up well against leaks, cracks, and other types of deterioration. They can last for many years when maintained properly, making them a solid investment for countless businesses.

FRP Tank Damage

Although FRP tanks are indeed made to last, extended wear and tear can still lead to damage that requires repairs. When the surface of a fiberglass tank is oxidized, tiny cracks may begin to form. The walls of a tank can develop air bubbles, wrinkles, and scratches, as well as delamination, pitting, surface pinholes, and other signs of deterioration.

Fiberglass Water Tank Repairs in San Francisco

It is generally wise to apply repairs whenever possible. Often, issues can be fixed, preventing the need to replace a tank prematurely and yielding much more service from the unit.

The following points can give you a general idea of what it takes to fix a fiberglass water tank. However, to avoid injury and costly mistakes, only a professional should handle the chemicals involved and perform this process.

  • Tools and Materials – Several items are used to implement repairs. A technician may rely on a solvent for cleaning, sandpaper and a sanding block, gel coat or wax, mixing tools, and fiberglass resin and matting. An electric drill might be needed, and scaffolding may be required to access the problem areas. Using appropriate safety gear is always imperative.
  • Preparation – The first step is to prepare the surface for the job. The area will need to be sanded and cleaned before the repairs are started.
  • Patching – Next, patching materials will likely be used to cover issues such as holes and cracks in the surface. A light layer of fiberglass resin is typically applied first, then matting on top of that, and then another thin layer of the resin.
  • Reinforcement – When more intensive repairs are necessary, reinforcing materials may be used. A gel or wax coating will generally be added to finish the job.

Getting the Job Done Right

Your FRP water tank was built to endure for many years. When a fiberglass tank is properly maintained, any issues that arise can often be fixed. Maintenance and repairs should always be done by a trained technician and coatings contractor in San Francisco. In many cases, such as when managing an underground system, additional regulations may be in place and must be followed.

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