commercial water tank

Water tanks are used for many commercial and domestic purposes.Commercial water tank can be used for municipal storage, agriculture, fire suppression, industrial manufacturing, and commercial food and beverage production. In every application, it is important that the water in the tank is kept clean of impurities and that there are no tank leaks.  

Types of Water Storage Tanks

There is a wide variety of water storage tanks that are available to fit every environment, situation, and budget: 

  • Bolted steel water tanks that can hold a massive quantity of water from 150,000 to several million gallons.  
  • Stainless steel tanks. 
  • Corrugated or galvanized steel tanks. 
  • Concrete tanks. 
  • Polyethylene tanks, noted for their affordability, are limited to a capacity of about 50,000 gallons. 
  • Pillow tanks are useful for collapse and transport. They are typically used for tree farms, nurseries, military bases, and firefighting and can hold from 25 gallons to over 200,000 gallons. 
  • Fiberglass tanks, both above and below ground, have become very popular for many applications because they weigh considerably less than concrete but have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are not subject to corrosion or rust as are steel tanks. And they are highly versatile. 

What Can Happen to Damage a Water Storage Tank

Damage can occur to a commercial water tank or a domestic water tank due to natural disasters such as a wildfire, earthquake, or hurricane. A tank can be damaged by erosion of the area that it is placed in, and a tank can be compromised by bent or broken pipes, algae growth, and an accumulation of sand and sediment. For steel tanks, rust and corrosion can occur. And concrete tanks can crack and degrade over a long period of time. Fiberglass tanks are made of a non-corrosive material, they don’t rust, and they are highly resistant to other types of damage. Plus, fiberglass repairs aren’t difficult for experienced repair professionals.  

Why Clean and Inspect Water Storage Tanks

Commercial water tank and domestic water tank users who don’t arrange regular inspections and perform regular maintenance can experience the shock of performance problems and expensive repairs. Timely inspections and regular maintenance will reduce long-term costs and prevent the problems associated with cracking, rusting, or corrosion, as well as problems of poor water quality. 

Fiberglass Repairs – Commercial Water Tank

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite material that is comprised of a polymer reinforced with fibers. It can be effectively used for fiberglass tank repair, steel tank lining, tank restoration, and FRP tank lining or relining. It can be used for trainer linings, industrial fiberglass repairs, and commercial fiberglass repairs. 

Choose an Experienced Commercial Water Tank Repair Company

Contact Picon FRP, Inc., based in San Pablo, CA, and serving the Bay Area, Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Picon is a highly regarded manufacturer and maintainer of tanks and tank linings, with an emphasis on fiber-reinforced plastic tanks and tank linings. We also do sandblasting, concrete strengthening, coatings, and linings.