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Why FRP Duct, Linings, & Tanks?

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) used in tank linings make great long-term solutions for repairs and maintenance. The material is designed to last for 20 years or more, with minimal maintenance requirements. FRP wraps are a reliable alternative to replacing pipes, ducts, and liners, as well as being affordable. Here’s a breakdown about the benefits of fiberglass tank repairs.

Benefit 1 – Quicker Installation Time

When major components of infrastructure need to be repaired or replaced, FRP wraps and liners can get the job done quicker and easier than completely replacing the tanks. There’s no need to completely disrupt the site for weeks waiting for excavation and replacement. Even intricate systems can benefit from FRP liners, getting you back to work in no time.

Benefit 2 – Durable, But Not as Difficult to Manage

FRP ducts and wraps are lightweight, but just as strong as steel or concrete. FRP liners are easier to transport that other materials and require less equipment for installation. They’re also safer to install and easier to maintain.

Benefit 3 -Non-Corrosive Material

Liners made of FRP have excellent corrosion resistance, even in acidic environments. This makes FRP tank linings a good long-term solution to many industrial problems. FRP materials can be used both underground and aboveground. FRP products are also chemical- heat-. and abrasion-resistant, in addition to being corrosive-resistant.

Benefit 4 – Easier Maintenance

FRP materials can withstand even harsh weather conditions and exposure to chemicals. FRP won’t mold or mildew. FRP tank linings can be inspected by using a camera to find small issues fast and to get them fixed quickly with little downtime. FRP can be used in many different applications. We offer field services even in hazardous or confined spaces.

Benefit 5 – Design Flexibility

FRP liners and ducts can be customized to meet the desired specifications. FRP liners can adhere to many different types of containers and surfaces. We’ve made repairs to commercial tanks, fire water tanks, domestic water tanks, made of either steel or concrete. FRP can be used in many different industries, from oil & gas to agriculture. We can design and fabricate FRP products for your needs.

Tank Linings, FRP Duct, Coatings, and Repairs

All of the benefits of FRP linings make them cost-effective, too. Because the linings can last for decades, they make sense for the long-term profits, too. Using FRP to reline tanks ensures structural integrity and extends the tank’s service life at a fraction of the cost of replacing the tank. FRP can be used to repair pipe collars, nozzles, anchors, and much more. Our team has over 30 years of experience serving Northern California with trailer linings, FRP tanks and pipe repairs, sandblasting and industrial coatings.

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