FRP ducts

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a material that consists of glass fiber and industrial resins, making it strong and durable. FRP repairs are common in commercial water tanks and linings, but the material has many more applications across industrial commercial industries including FRP ducts. Because of its long service life, durability and design flexibility, FRP is widely used in sewage, oil and gas, urban water supply and the chemical industry.

Uses of FRP Beyond Tank Linings

FRP can be fabricated into many products:

  • FRP ducts
  • FRP wraps that strengthen existing concrete
  • FRP repairs for tanks, pipes and vessels
  • Wind turbines
  • Fiberglass tanks, stacks, flumes and hoods

Benefits of FRP Ducts

FRP ducts have many advantages. FRP can be meet the needs of your business, because it has design flexibility for a multitude of advantages over other materials. Compared to metal, FRP is lightweight and more convenient to transport. It’s lighter weight also makes installation easier, but it does have the strength required to stand up to commercial applications.

FRP is corrosion-resistant. Salts, acids, alkalis and even sewage or other chemical liquids won’t easily corrode the FRP. The material is non-polluting, making it perfect in places that require clean storage or transport. FRP is heat-resistant and anti-freezing. It can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -40C to more than 200C.

FRP ducts have a low maintenance cost, largely due to its corrosion resistance and ability to handle even extreme temperatures. It’s also abrasion resistant, pollution resistant and rust-resistant. Buried pipe won’t need cathodic protection, which would greatly reduce your maintenance costs. FRP ducts have a long service life, because the material is very stable. Steel pipes last about 20 years, but FRP can last 30 years or more.

FRP ducts and pipes are resistant to uneven settlement or external forces that can cause steel pipes to crack. They are stronger in earthquakes, and less prone to shear failure. FRP is not easy to damage. It’s easier to repair, with FRP wraps and repairs.

Get More Information About FRP Ducts, Wraps, and Repairs

PICON has been serving the Bay Area and Northern California for over 30 years with FRP tank lining and repairs. We have been instrumental in many commercial applications for our clients. We have custom built FRP ducts for a chemical plant, replaced liners in tanks to keep the repair costs low and repaired concrete sections with FRP wraps. It’s better for your budget and the environment.

Contact our team today to see how we can fit into your project. We design and fabricate FRP products that do the job you need. Our field technicians understand OSHA and the industry regulations that you face to make sure the project is handled correctly. Call us today to get started.