fiberglass tank repairs

Fiberglass Tank Repairs Made Simpler

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 587,000 underground storage tanks were being used to contain petroleum and other potentially hazardous materials as of March 2012. These tanks have an expected lifespan of 30 years, but many will only last around 20 years before they start to leak or show other signs of wear and tear  and require fiberglass tank repairs. The EPA began to implement strict regulations on underground storage tanks in 1984, and many of the tanks in use are double-walled to prevent leaks. Unfortunately, not even the most stringent regulations will prevent leaking and other signs of damage completely. Even the sturdiest and most secure water tank liners need to be repaired or replaced eventually, which used to always involve a complicated and costly excavation process.

While older water tank liners that are beyond repair will still need to be excavated and replaced, many underground storage tanks can now be repaired without excavation. This fiberglass tank repair process is still very new, but it has already proven to be much easier and more cost-effective than excavating an entire tank. Since the tank itself doesn’t need to be excavated, there is also no need to shut down an entire gas station to make repairs if that’s where the tank is located.

Instead of simply applying a new liner for a tank, this retrofitting process involves applying a composite sandwich structure composed of two faceskins that are separated by a hollow interstice. Any liquid that might otherwise leak out of the tank will go into this interstice and flow into the tank bottom where it can be detected and removed by a pump. The structure itself is made mostly out of fiberglass using a process that gives it its own built-in interstice. Different resins can also be used during the manufacturing process to ensure that the liner is compatible with petroleum or any other material that might be stored inside the tank.

Fiberglass Tank Repair for Water Tank Liners

While this retrofitting process is still new, it has proven successful, especially when different resins are applied to the liner. More testing does need to be completed, but this process does look promising. In the meantime, if your business is in need of any fiberglass tank repairs or any other maintenance for your underground storage tanks, contact Picon today. We will be glad to answer any questions that you might have about our tank liners and repair services.