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From making fire water readily available to safely storing corrosive materials, fiberglass tanks serve a variety of important purposes. In this post, we’ll take a look at both why these tanks are so useful and the advantages they offer from a repair and maintenance standpoint.

General Advantages of Fiberglass Tanks & Linings

Several authors associated with Purdue University have taken a look at the advantages of fiberglass tanks. Among other bonuses, they list these tanks’ customizability and ultraviolet radiation resistance as selling points. Additionally, because the tanks are opaque, algae has a harder time growing. Other positive attributes include the ability to mount heavy valves and agitator paddles, which are helpful when it is necessary to keep a mixture from settling. And in normal conditions, high or low temperatures do not shorten a fiberglass tank’s service life.

Fire Water–Specific Advantages

In fire suppression systems, the benefits of fiberglass tanks become even more readily apparent. Different structures have different fire suppression needs, and the flexibility of fiberglass tanks allows them to be customized to perfectly fit a given structure’s requirements. Though many sites can rely on a natural water supply such as a lake or pond, still more require custom-built solutions, a need that fiberglass tanks are adept at filling.

Another consideration is making sure that suburban and rural areas are covered. Municipalities can deploy suppression systems near otherwise hard-to-access locations, ensuring that water is available for firefighters in the event of a fire.

The corrosion-resistant nature of fiberglass is also an advantage. Proper tank linings can boost this resistance even more. By resisting corrosion, these tanks are able to store fire water for long periods of time, and because they are less likely to leak, the water will be there if and when it is needed—a critical consideration when the goal is fire suppression.

Repair Advantages

No storage system lasts forever, but when fiberglass tank repairs become necessary, the task is easily surmountable by professionals. And in some cases, the repairability of these systems can delay the need for a full replacement, thus saving the tank owner money and downtime. Frequently, tank liner repairs or new installations can ameliorate a tank problem. And a well-thought-out inspection and maintenance plan can help make sure major repairs do not turn into a frequent necessity. Finally, as the Purdue paper points out, these tanks are not prone to bursting. Typically, when a problem arises, they seep instead of bursting, which makes the issue more manageable.

Fiberglass Tanks – FRP Linings and Repairs Make Sense For Many Applications

To sum up, fiberglass tanks are highly durable. And when repairs are eventually needed, installation of tank linings and other procedures can make fixing them a relatively pain-free process. Keep in mind that fiberglass tanks can be customized for a variety of applications, so they may be a good fit for your next project. If you are looking into new tanks, new tank linings, repairs or general maintenance or coatings Picon FRP, Inc. can help you! Contact us today to discuss your project needs.