frp repairs

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material that is composed of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The composite material can be high-strength fibers like glass or carbon, or steel wires that are embedded in a polymer matrix. The FRP repairs use fibers to provide strength, and the polymer matrix serves as a binder, protects the fibers, and shares the load among the fibers. FRP composites have been in use in the United States for over 30 years. Today, FRP is widely used in many industries and in many applications including FRP ducts, FRP wraps, and FRP repairs. 

Benefits of FRP Ducts, Repairs & Wraps

FRP offers many benefits including corrosion resistance with little maintenance required. FRP is strong and durable in almost all climate conditions. It is highly resistant to the effects of water, salt and chemical corrosion.  

FRP composites are lightweight. For example, they are over eight times lighter than precast concrete, so they are easier to work with, cheaper to transport, and require less equipment to move or install compared to many other materials. Because FRP is lightweight, FRP repairs can be accomplished easily. 

FRP components can be installed quickly, thus allowing less disruption to public life and facilitating the faster completion of associated construction work. 

FRP is also cost-efficient due to its superior durability, low maintenance, enhanced service life, and rapid installation. 

Lastly, FRP offers great design and application flexibility. FRP ducts and FRP wraps are only two of many applications. 

Applications of FRP

FRP is found in extensive use in many industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer goods, the power industry, protective equipment, and marine infrastructure. FRP wraps can be used as storage tank liners because of their high corrosion resistance. FRP duct applications are excellent because they can withstand extreme temperatures and require little maintenance. 

FRP repairs are sought after because FRP can be molded into any shape and molten FRP can be applied to fill in cracks and gaps to render a surface practically seamless. 

Get Expert Assistance for FRP Repairs

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