fiberglass tank repairs

Fiberglass Tank Repairs Are Possible With The Right Tools and Techniques

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a popular material that is often used in chemical and storage tanks. Fiberglass tanks are sturdy and durable, but they can break down over time. The sun’s UV rays can damage the surface over time. Certain harsh chemicals can compromise the tank. Bumps and scratches to the outside layer can damage the tank. FRP tank repairs can be made to the outside of the tank or to the inside, but the repairs needed depend on the type of damage.

Types of Tank Repairs

UV damage is damage to the surface of the FRP tank. You may notice that the coating is degraded. Typically, you can recoat the tank with a gel paint to repair it. If your tank is showing signs of UV damage, you should restore the entire outside, not just the section that appears to need attention. Repairing a larger section than the original damage can prevent future damage to the tank.

A spider web pattern on the outside of the tank usually indicate that the tank has been bumped or hit by something. These cracks can be repaired from the outside, but you may also need to repair the inside, depending on the damage. Don’t paint over these types of cracks.

If the tank is seeping on an outside wall, you probably have internal damage. You will need to make fiberglass tank repairs from the inside.

Preventative Maintenance for Fiberglass Tanks

FRP tanks are durable, but you do need to remember that nothing lasts forever. To keep your FRP tanks functioning their best, regularly inspect and maintain the tank. Yearly inspections finds small problems with the tank before they can become a bigger issue. Cleaning an FRP tank every three to five years prevents sediment buildup that degrades the materials. An ounce of maintenance prevents a pound of major repairs. Making professional repairs keeps your tanks operating well.

Contact a Fiberglass Tank Repairs Specialist

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