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Fire Water Tank Inspection

Fire Water Tank Inspection in San Francisco – Your Questions Answered

In the bustling urban landscape of San Francisco, high-rise buildings are a common sight. These towering structures rely on robust fire suppression systems to ensure the safety of their occupants. Central to these systems are fire suppression water tanks, which must be regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee their functionality in an emergency. Here, we explore how often these tanks should be inspected and the essential maintenance and repairs required, focusing on the unique needs of San Francisco high-rises. Read more »

fiberglass tank repairs

Fiberglass Tank Repairs Are A Great Way to Extend the Life of Storage Tanks

As we rely on water storage tanks for various purposes, ensuring their longevity is paramount. Aging water storage tanks, whether made of steel or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), require careful maintenance to remain efficient and safe. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of caring for aging water storage tanks and explore how fiberglass tank repairs can significantly extend the life of existing tanks. Read more »

fire water tank repair and inspection

Water Tanks Need Attention and Liner Repairs to Prevent Leaks

Water storage tanks are used for the storage of fluids in many industries. One of the critical uses of water storage tanks is in fire protection. Ensuring the efficient operation of fire water storage tanks is critical to the safety of people, animals, structures, and communities. Flawless tank operation calls for regular tank and fire water tank lining inspection actions. Read more »

San Francisco Tank Inspection Photos and Guidance

san francisco water tank lining inspection

Tank Inspector:

Chevan Goonetilleke, MS

  • NACE Certified Coating Inspector-Level 3, Cert No.38388
  • FiberglassTank & Pipe Institute, RP-2007 Inspector, Cert No.00089

Tank Inspection Equipment:

  • Underwater Drone (ROV), Video,Camera
  • Model#: Deep Trekker DTG3, Manufactured in 2022

Tank Inspection Date: July 22,2022 Read more »

water tank liners bay area

Water tanks and liners are designed to be durable and long-lasting. To best serve their customers, facilities mangers and technicians know that proper upkeep is crucial to the longevity of water tank liners and tanks. Implementing an inspection and maintenance schedule is the best way to keep these indispensable products in great condition. Read more »

fire water tank repairs san francisco

Don’t Skip Essential Fire Water Tank Repairs San Francisco!

There are some common issues that can arise with fire water tanks and the linings that warrant swift attention. These types of repairs merit the attention of a professional- do not try to go it alone. To prevent these kinds of problems in the future, rely on routine inspections and regular maintenance from a qualified technician who has experience with fire water tank repairs San Francisco– the type of storage tanks used for structural fire suppression. Read more »

fiberglass tank repairs

Fiberglass Tank Repairs Are Possible With The Right Tools and Techniques

Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is a popular material that is often used in chemical and storage tanks. Fiberglass tanks are sturdy and durable, but they can break down over time. The sun’s UV rays can damage the surface over time. Certain harsh chemicals can compromise the tank. Bumps and scratches to the outside layer can damage the tank. FRP tank repairs can be made to the outside of the tank or to the inside, but the repairs needed depend on the type of damage. Read more »

frp repairs

Fiberglass reinforced plastic – or FRP – is a state-of-the-art material that has countless industrial applications. FRP wraps are highly resistant to corrosion and can be used as liners storage tanks, while an FRP duct can withstand extreme temperatures with little trouble. FRP also requires little maintenance and is relatively inexpensive compared to steel and similar materials. This also means that FRP repairs are simple and easy to complete. Let’s take a look at some of the more common industrial uses of FRP. Read more »

FRP repairs

Concrete, fiberglass, and steel tanks are used in various industries to store water, chemicals, and other materials. As sturdy and reliable as these materials often are, they are still subject to corrosion over time, which leads to costly and dangerous leaks. Corroded or otherwise damaged tank linings need to be repaired, and the most efficient way to do that is with fiber-reinforced plastic, or FRP repairs. FRP is a composite material made from a polymer matrix that is reinforced with fibers. FRP used in tank lining repairs is usually in the form of an epoxy resin that can be applied to the lining or exterior of a tank to strengthen it. When it is applied to the inside of a tank, it acts as a highly durable moisture barrier that can significantly slow down corrosion and prevent even the most corrosive and caustic chemicals from leaking. Read more »