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Why this Coatings Contractor in the Bay Area Loves Fiberglass

Fiberglass tanks bring a host of benefits to property owners and managers. And when it comes time to repair one, the tank rehabilitation process can be easy and relatively downtime-free. This article looks at specific reasons why fiberglass tanks bring so much to the table and why Picon, a Bay Area coatings contractor, recommends them.

Fiberglass Tank Benefits

Fiberglass tanks’ strengths are numerous. One is their versatility: There are models suited for aboveground or underground use, and a virtually limitless number of size options is available. In the case of underground tanks, when extra-deep storage is called for, a tank can be constructed with greater ability to withstand pressure from above. Fiberglass tanks are also versatile in the sense that they can store a variety of liquids, including wastewater, hot water, and drinking water.

Another strength is these tanks’ durability, as they outperform plastic in many ways and can ward off cracking, corrosion, rust and other damage. Many have a high level of ultraviolet light resistance, too. But all of these benefits don’t necessarily come with overly heavy tanks: When a lightweight tank is called for, fiberglass construction can help keep a tank’s weight to a minimum.

There are benefits beyond structural soundness, too. As one example, fiberglass tanks storing drinking water won’t generate the plastic taste associated with tanks of that material.

Fiberglass Tank Repairs

While fiberglass tanks are quite sturdy, they do require occasional repair, like any other type of tank. Fortunately, fiberglass tank repair jobs are often less strenuous than projects to fix other types of tanks. When a tank has developed a leak or structural weaknesses, the application of composite materials, often in the form of liners, can patch holes and reinforce the remaining material, resulting in great tank rehabilitation results.

Fiberglass liner repair projects often involve much less tank downtime than replacing an entire tank. In fact, in some cases, a crew can complete repairs without ever taking the tank out of service. Reducing or eliminating service interruptions is critical, whether a tank is storing fire-suppression water, a populace’s drinking supply, or another liquid.

While downtime can be quite temporary or nonexistent, fiberglass tank repairs prove to be very durable. For instance, some repair projects result in a decades-long extension of a tank’s usable life, which is quite the boon for any tank owner or manager.

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