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Common Issues with Domestic Water Tanks in the Bay Area

While a well-constructed and maintained domestic water tank can last for decades, eventually, even the best tanks may develop issues that require professional attention. In this article, you’ll learn some signs tank repairs are necessary and how to be proactive on dealing with them.


Leaks can develop in a water storage tank for a variety of reasons. Those include shifting earth, which may dislodge piping connections, and shoddy installation of those connections in the first place. Should the piping/tank connection be the culprit of a leak, you’ll likely need a pro to come in and perform a tank leak repair. The same goes for if the tank develops a hole, whether through corrosion or another cause.

Tank Shifts

Alarmingly, a tank may shift, tilting off its original axis. Given the immense weight of the water that tanks store, the problem may become a severe one if it’s allowed to linger. A proactive way to avoid this problem is setting up a proper system for directing water from rain and other sources, like overflows, away from the tank. Otherwise, water can erode the soil around the tank’s base, daegrading its ability to stay upright.

Fire Damage

Fires are unkind to all kinds of infrastructure, including water tanks. Even if a tank looks like it escaped damage, fires can melt harder-to-spot parts, such as connections. Replacement may be necessary, so if a fire comes through, contact a pro to inspect the tank and advise you on your options.

Sediment and Algae

Tanks can suffer from a buildup of sediment or algae. To deal with sediment after it has built up, the tank may require drainage and cleaning. Depending on your budget, you may want to install a filter to prevent sediment buildup in the first place.

As for algae, this unwelcome guest requires sunlight to grow, so if you’re going for a new tank, consider an option that will block sunlight. If you already have a tank that rapidly grows algae, replacement with an opaque model may be the best option.

Deceased Animals

Animals seeking water may meet their maker if they fall into a water tank and can’t get out. To avoid this ghastly problem, always secure tank lids. Also remove elements such as tree branches from around the tank. This will excise opportunities for animals to climb up and into the tank.

A Proactive Plan

A great way to avoid the aforementioned problems is by contacting a company with experience maintaining and repairing tanks. A good one will work with you to set up a maintenance schedule that drastically slows down the rate of tank degradation, extending its service life. They’ll also be able to perform necessary repairs. Additionally, if an urgent situation comes up with your tank, it’ll be very helpful to have already made previous contact with a tank repair company.

Domestic Water Tank Repairs in San Francisco

For advice on your Bay Area domestic water tank or to set up a maintenance schedule, talk to Picon FRP today.