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Many older water towers are included in heritage listings as historically significant, making people think that current water towers are becoming obsolete. Water towers hold water for community use, but they actually do much more than simply hold water. Let’s talk about how a water tower works and when you might need a coatings contractor in the Bay Area.

How Does a Water Tower Work?

Water towers are part of the infrastructure of many municipalities. Water is pumped into the tower for storage. The height of a water tower is important to its functionality. A water tower uses gravity to provide water pressure, keeping water flowing even if the electricity goes out or at peak demand.  This is why water towers have to be higher than the buildings they serve.

Water demand varies through the day. At peak times, like morning, the water flow might be 2,000 gallons per minute, while in the afternoon, it might only be 500-gallons-per-minute. Buying a pump that meets the higher demand would be more expensive than the smaller pump. Gravity gives the lower-sized pump an added boost when demand requires it. Then the pump can refill the tower overnight when usage is at its lowest to be ready for morning.

Water towers reduce the overall costs of pumping water to buildings. A water tower decreases the number of pumping stations, which also reduces the overall costs. Reducing the load on the pumps also helps keep them running, another way the water tower benefits property owners.

Water Tower Maintenance

Water towers should be inspected annually to ensure they meet all codes and regulations. Generally speaking, a water tower should last about 30 years. Regular maintenance throughout its life can help get the most out of a water tower before it needs tank rehabilitation or replacement. New technology gives water tower owners the capability to repair the lining without a lot of downtime or making expensive repairs.


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