commercial firewater tanks repair

Let’s Look at Commercial Fire Water Tank Repairs and Design

A fire can have devastating consequences. Fire water tanks are in high demand for many applications because they provide an ideal solution for fire protection and prevention. A commercial fire water tank can provide the timely water flow needed for a property’s defense. 

Common Applications for a Commercial Fire Water Tank

Common applications include uses for wildfire protection in forests, State and National Parks, warehouses, industrial properties, large urban structures, and special applications like large aircraft hangars and high-piled storage areas. 

Benefits of a Commercial Fire Water Tank

Fire protection tanks offer the benefits of being easily integrated with established fire protection systems. They are resistant to weather changes so they can securely store water year-round, and they provide reliable protection for serious fire emergencies. 

How a Commercial Water Fire Tank Works

A fire tank must be hooked up to a water source and the tank filled. The tank should be of sufficient size (volume) to provide the water needed for a fire. The water supply source must be capable of filling the tank within 8 hours to the minimum necessary fire protection volume, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Then the tank must be kept filled with the water maintained at no more than 4 inches below the specified fire service level. Other features of the water tank system include pipes and pumps to enable the tank system to function properly. As with any system, regular maintenance is important, and sometimes water tank repairs are necessary. 

How Are Commercial Fire Water Tanks Maintained

Water tank maintenance includes: 

  • Checking the water level regularly. 
  • Keeping the water temperature and a minimum of 40°F. 
  • Exterior inspections to examine the structure for any damage or weakening, including any leaks, or cracks. 
  • Interior inspections to examine for corrosion, pitting, rot, aquatic growth, and failure of the interior coating.  

For professional inspections and repairs, it is important to call the experts for Bay Area commercial epoxy liner repairs. 

Call the Professionals for Commercial Fire Water Tanks Repair

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