san francisco water tank repair

San Francisco Water Tank Repairs

Commercial steel tanks have a limited lifespan. Whether it’s from corrosion, performance failure, or unexpected damage, steel tanks often require tank leak repair. Making repairs to steel tanks can be expensive, time-consuming and expensive, especially when steel tanks are buried underground. Whatever type of repairs your steel tank needs, consider fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) as an efficient way to get back to normal. Here are three common types of San Francisco water tank repairs.

Bolted Steel Tank Leak Repair

Bolted steel tanks are common tanks that store many types of liquids and chemicals in many different industries. Although steel tanks are tried and proven, they still are prone to performance failure over time. Rather than purchasing entirely new tanks when one is damaged, FRP tank repairs can reduce downtime and keep your system operating correctly.

Welded Steel Tank Leak Repairs

Welded steel tanks are some of the sturdiest tanks around, They are highly durable and cost-effective, provided you do perform regular maintenance. Even so, corrosion or electrical fluctuations can still cause damage. Corroded tanks are expensive to replace. FRP liners can minimize the repairs needed to get your business back on track.

Floating Roof Tank Repair

Floating tanks are used in certain industries for storage of volatile products. Making repairs or upgrades requires following regulatory requirements under multiple organizations. Our team can help you with repair services or modifications to meet your needs.

Benefits of FRP Water Tank Repairs in the San Francisco Bay Area

FRP is an epoxy resin that can be used to make external and internal repairs to many types of steel tanks. One of the best benefits of FRP for tank repairs is the quicker time frame to get back to business. We can fabricate FRP into just about any shape for use in most tanks, so the rest of your equipment stays in place during repairs. FRP offers a moisture barrier on the inside of the tank, which protects your tanks from corrosion in the future. FRP lasts about 20 years, which lets you plan for maintenance.

Talk to Picon about how FRP can be used for water tank repair in the Bay Area. With over 30 years of experience, we can find the best solutions for your need.