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FRP Tank Repairs, Linings and Now FRP Rebar for Concrete Strengthening

Fiber-reinforced plastics or polymers (FRPs) have many industrial uses. We’ve used it in steel tank repairs, concrete reinforcement of old buildings, and tanker and trailer linings. Steel is especially prone to corrosion, but concrete, too, can fail under harsh conditions such as high salinity or high temperatures. It’s forced the industry to look for other options to maintain infrastructure.

FRP Rebar Technology

Many companies have realized that steel is not going to hold up under more aggressive conditions. Composite rebar has been manufactured for over 30 years, but it hasn’t been widely used until the last few years. Part of the problem is that rebar must be made and tested to specific standards for different projects. It’s been difficult in the past to keep the costs low while producing enough to make it profitable. Through enhanced research and product development, FRP rebar is starting to become more mainstream.

New Production Facility in Saudi Arabia

In June, the first fiberglass rebar facility was inaugurated in Saudi Arabia. While this facility is designed to localize the rebar industry for sustainability, it should also strengthen Saudi Arabia’s international relations. FRP rebar is replacing steel rebar in the region, because steel corrodes so quickly under the high temperatures and high saline levels.

Demand For Rebar Is Increasing

One of the interesting aspects about FRP rebar is that the product is one-fourth the density of steel. When calculating the price by volume instead of per pound, the costs become competitive. FRP rebar is in demand in the Middle East, which is driving the international market. FRP rebar reduces maintenance over the lifetime of structures, because it’s less likely to corrode. This makes FRP rebar more sustainable, not only economically, but environmentally.

FRP Rebar Use Supports FRP Production

Currently, FRP rebar is most often used in sea walls and bridges in North America. If your company is thinking about using FRP for water tank repair, you can have peace of mind knowing that FRP is being used in sturdier applications with good success to meet the needs of the future. FRP has many advantages over steel, because it doesn’t corrode, it has the strength of steel, and it is economical.

Bay Area Based FRP Tank Repairs Professionals

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