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Steel Tank Repairs from the Foundation to the Roof

Sure, there are some common issues that come with steel tanks and tank linings that simply cannot be avoided. The key is to get tank repairs and  tank liner repairs right away- before small issues can grow into major problems.

The most common repairs for steel tanks and tank liners are:

Roof Repairs

Steel tanks are exposed to the elements, primarily dangerous vapors and moisture that can take a toll on the tank’s roof over time. If you want to preserve the structural integrity of the tank, maintaining the roof is integral.

When you notice signs of rust, corrosion, or any sags, reach out for a professional’s help. The sooner you have a pro evaluate and make necessary repairs, the better. Remember there could be safety issues at play so don’t delay.

Roof Modifications

Some tanks are required to be modified due to emissions. If there are too many emissions from the tank, regulatory agencies are mandating that the roof is modified to curb this issue. In some instances, a dome may be installed over the existing roof- which can cut down on emissions and contain the problem.

Tank Floor Repairs

How is the tank floor? Remember that steel tanks must pass inspections and these inspectors will carefully assess all areas of the tank- including the floor. Assess for potential patch plates as well as whether you need to replace the tank floor, too.

Foundation Retro-fittings

Does the foundation need to be refit? When foundations do not fit the tanks, you must consider retro-fitting. This often occurs with new replacement tanks. In some instances, you may need to remove the current floor, and surrounding material, too.

Seal Replacement

Think your tank seal needs replacing? Do it right away. Remember that these seals keep toxic and dangerous fumes at-bay; do not risk safety with shoddy seals.

Tank Liner Repairs in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Even common repairs merit the expertise of a professional. When it comes to steel tank repairs, contact Picon FRP, Inc., based in San Pablo, CA, and serving the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California.  With over 30 years as an industry leader, we are a full-service manufacturer and field service provider of industrial fiber reinforced plastic and anti-corrosion products, tank repairs, and custom fabrication. Call or visit to learn more today.