bay area tank leak repair

Tank Leak Repair and Liner Replacement

From underground or above-ground tanks to tank trailers, when a storage container needs repairs, it can get complicated and expensive. If you are researching tank liner repairs, understand the process in using fiber-reinforced plastics or polymers (FRPs) to know why FRPs can be a viable solution.

Step 1: Accessing the Tank

To make a tank leak repair, the first step is emptying the tank of any materials and accessing the tank. Anything stored in the tank must be removed, whether it’s a gas or liquid. Underground tanks may need to be excavated and have a manway installed to access the interior.

Step 2: Abrasive Blasting and Repairs

The surface of the tank must be prepared to receive the tank liner repair. Blasting the surface gets it ready to receive the lining. Before any repairs are made to tank liners, the interior is fully inspected to find any weak spots or permeated areas that must be restored to meet industry standards. We provide a full report about any repairs that need to be made before the FRP liner can be installed. Before restoring the tank lining, repairs must be completed.

Step 3: Tank Lining Applied

Once the tank is repaired to industry standards, the tank can have the FRP lining applied. We perform all work according to regulations for quality control and worker safety. Our technicians use filtration and other equipment to ensure that the final liner is kept pure and clean. Using the correct FRP can help deter future corrosion and sludge build-up, preventing more repairs from being needed.

Step 4: Testing and Quality Control

Before your tank work is completed, we test the liner to make sure it meets all regulatory standards. This ensures you are compliant with your industry and that you have peace of mind as you go about business.

Step 5: Replace Underground Tank

Once you’re assured that your tank is fully repaired, it can then be restored to its original position. For underground tanks, we seal back the access opening before covering the tank.

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