frp tank liners repairs

Above ground storage tanks are subject to corrosion. The bottoms of these storage tanks are especially vulnerable. Not only do soluble salts and chemicals settle to the bottom of the tank to damage the internal surface, but the external surface can be damaged by salt water, soil and other contaminants. The solution used to be replacing the bottom of the tank, which is expensive and time-consuming. Another option is to make FRP tank liner repairs, coating the tank with a fiberglass reinforced plastic lining (FRP) that is considered a secondary bottom. It’s almost like a tank liner, but it’s sturdy and durable to give you another 10 to 20 years out of your tank.

How are Tank Liners Installed?

To add tank liners to your steel tank, the first step is sand blasting the surface to prepare it to accept the FRP coating. All contaminants must be removed. A primer is then applied to the metal surface, filling in any holes or sharp angles of the tank for a smooth application of the resin. Following the primer, resin is applied to adhere the fiberglass mat. Finally, a finish coating is applied as a sealer. This cures the resin, further protects the tank and gives the FRP tank liners more strength.

How Strong Is an FRP Tank Lining?

An FRP tank liner can be applied to meet the needs of your storage facility. When properly applied by professionals, these tanks liners are strong enough to prevent leaks up to 20 years. Some tank liners have lasted up to 35 years. In general, the thickness of the tank liner is about 60 to 80 mils, but this can be doubled for an even stronger and more durable liner.

Benefits of FRP Linings and FRP Tank Liners Repairs

FRP linings are more affordable than replacing steel tank bottoms. There is also less downtime, because the tank liners can be installed quicker than conventional tank bottoms. Downtime is minimized. FRP resists many types of corrosion, even at higher temperatures. FRP liners can even cover holes up to 8” in diameter, alleviating the need for complete replacement.

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