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Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is widely used in many industrial applications. FRP refers to a composite material, a plastic (polymer) matrix that has been reinforced with glass fibers which in combination result in a material that is exceptionally strong but also flexible. FRP materials are used in products and components that must be precisely engineered with tight tolerance limits, a low fatigue index, and high impact tolerance. FRP ducts, piping, and FRP tank liners are examples of excellent FRP applications.

Industries That Use FRP Ducts, Liners and Other Materials

Industries that utilize FRP materials include:

The automotive industry where FRP materials substitute for metal in the bodies of automobiles, trucks, and trailer body sidings because of their high strength-to-weight ratio. These uses comprise almost a third of FRP utilization.

The construction industry where FRP materials are used in guardrails, signboards, drainage systems, utility poles, and pipelines for sewer, gas, and water.

The aerospace industry where the light weight and structural strength provide great advantages. FRP offers excellent tensile strength plus it tolerates extremes of temperature and harsh environments.

Industries involving water, chemical, and storage of other liquids in tanks made of FRP or using tanks that have FRP tank liners.

Other industries include the power industry, marine infrastructure, consumer goods, and protective equipment.  In addition, FRP repairs make possible the strengthening of applications for all industries.

Why Should You Consider Using FRP Ducts Over Other Options?

Here’s why you should consider the use of an FRP duct or pipe application for your project versus other options. FRP materials offer:

  1. Design flexibility. Products can be designed and manufactured for many technical specifications.
  2. Strength: They provide excellent tensile, flexure, and impact strength.
  3. Stiffness performance. They can be made with rigidity and less bending stress.
  4. Service life. These materials offer extreme stability and long service life of more than 30 years.
  5. Hydraulic properties. The inner surface of FRP is extremely smooth so material flows offer excellent hydraulics. That also allows for excellent energy consumption ratings.
  6. Water quality. Because an FRP duct or tank liners can use food-grade resin, they offer excellent water quality, as well as high quality for other liquids.
  7. Properties also include anti-leakage, frost resistance, and resistance to deformation.

Call the Experts for Tank Leak Repair Work

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