domestic water tank linings

All Tank Types and Tank Linings Have Pros and Cons

Domestic water tanks can solve many problems, including having water on hand for fire protection or for general use. PICON, Inc fabricates tanks and repairs and replaces tank linings with an emphasis on fiber reinforced plastic tanks and tank linings. If you’re looking for a commercial domestic water tank Bay Area, learn more about the different types of domestic water tanks to understand you have more options to fit your needs.

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are built to last without requiring regular maintenance. Not only can you use your stainless tanks for water storage, you can also store chemicals or other liquids. The material is corrosive-resistant, rust-resistant and algae-resistant. Your water remains clean. The tank should last 50 years or more.

Vertical Plastic Tanks

Made of polyethylene, vertical storage tanks can store potable or non-potable water, but nothing else. These tanks are often inexpensive and come in many sizes. They won’t take up much space on your land. You can usually relocate these plastic tanks if plans change. Although they are one of the most economical choices, they will work for many different applications.

Pillow Tanks

These tanks are also called bladder tanks. They are flexible and lightweight, with the ability to store many different liquids. When filled, the tank billows up, giving it its name. These tanks are great for all types of weather and conditions. They’re also inexpensive, but they won’t hold copious amounts of liquid. One person can move these tanks when they’re empty, if that is something you need to consider.

Above Ground Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass is a great material for water tanks, because of its strength, resistance to corrosion and rust and durability. Fiberglass is also lightweight and isn’t conductive to electricity, which can be safer in some locations. To store potable water, it may require a special liner. You may also want to use a commercial fire water tank liner to protect the water. Fiberglass tanks are better for storing 1,000 gallons of water or more. Anything under 1,000 gallons could be more effectively stored in a plastic tank which would be more cost-effective.

Bolted Steel Tanks

These tanks are panels that are bolted together with gaskets to prevent leaks. These tanks can be made of galvanized or corrugated steel, in addition to stainless. Bolted tanks are heavy and difficult to relocate. When you install one of these tanks, you won’t want to move it. But, it is durable and can hold many different types of liquids, so if your storage needs change, you can adapt. Bolted tanks can be expensive to install, but they will also last a long time.

PICON FRP, Inc Domestic Water Tanks, Repairs, and Fabrication

Our team can help you find the right domestic water tank for your needs. We can work within the confines of your industry to get past installation problems and engineer the tank that fits your location. Our team ahs been serving the Bay Area and Northern California for over 30 years. Contact us to find out more about how we can assist with your tank linings and fabrication.