Tank Linings Repairs FRP

Tanks rely on strength: On top of needing to hold in often heavy amounts of material, they also need to withstand corrosion from within and the elements from outside. While other tank materials have their place, fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks and tank linings are a strong, versatile choice. This post goes over why.

FRP Tank Linings

Linings are one of the most common places you’ll see FRP used. These linings are excellent for the purposes of tank leak repairs. For instance, if the bottom of an aboveground steel tank is wearing out, applying a lining is an excellent alternative to replacing the bottom entirely. Compared to a replacement, installing a lining can save both money and time, as it greatly reduces the time the tank will be out of service.

When linings are used for fiberglass tank repairs, the results can be quite strong. They are resistant to pressure, with single-laminate systems able to withstand 37 PSI. When it comes to double-laminate systems, that figure skyrockets to 82 PSI, according to testing. Additionally, FRP linings can bridge relatively large holes in tanks.

Longevity is another perk of FRP systems. They can last 35 years or more, thus delaying the need for another repair project for quite a long time.

FRP Tank Leak Repair and Custom Tanks: A Versatile Option

Beyond providing fiberglass tank repairs, FRP substances can also be the primary material in a tank to start with. They are particularly useful for tanks that need to withstand extreme temperatures, that need to be large in size, and/or that need to be relatively tall and narrow. For instance, it is possible to create an FRP tank that is five times taller than it is wide. And certain tanks can withstand temperatures well over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in spurts. Tanks can also be formulated to withstand corrosive materials, like hydrofluoric acid.

Additionally, as is the case with using it for repairs, FRP is a relatively affordable choice for a tank’s base material. Another perk is that FRP tanks are light in weight compared to tanks made of many other materials. That can be quite an advantage when it comes to considerations like structural load, and it becomes an even bigger one for entities that need to transport their tanks from place to place.

Lightweight, affordable, and durable: There’s a lot to love about FRP tanks and linings. Picon FRP, Inc. provides full-service FRP services from tank inspection and repairs to fabrication as well as FRP ducts and much more. Contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help you with affordable and reliable FRP tanks and more.