tank leak repair

Storage tanks are used in a number of industries, and while they are durable enough to last for years, they are still subject to corrosion and will need to be repaired at some point. This can seem daunting for some businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the kinds of storage tanks you have, you might have several options available when it comes to tank leak repair.

Steel Tank Leak Repair

The method of repairing steel tanks will depend on the kind of tanks that you have. Welded steel tanks tend to last longer than bolted tanks, but they can be more difficult to repair. Meanwhile, bolted tanks can be more vulnerable to leaks since they have more potential weak spots, but they are also easier to disassemble if you need to replace specific parts. Welded tanks do need to be inspected to detect any leaks and make sure that the shells are still in good condition, and they can usually be sealed with proper tank linings as long as the shell itself is in good condition.

Since bolted steel tanks are made from plates that are bolted together, they can be disassembled for easier repair. They technically may not last as long as welded tanks, but you won’t have to worry about replacing a bolted tank altogether if it does leak. Bolted tanks still require tank linings if they are to store water or other corrosive materials, though. For years, these linings were made from rubber, but modern linings are made from fiber-reinforced plastic, or FRP. This material can be easily applied to the inside of a tank to create a lining that is long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion, even if you need to store something more caustic and corrosive than water. FRP repairs are also relatively easy to complete; all you need to do in most cases is spray on another layer of FRP coating to reinforce the lining.

FRP Repairs Specialists in the Bay Area

In any case, the key to making repairs on steel tanks and their linings is regular inspections. This will allow you to catch leaks and other problems before they get out of hand, but it will also ensure that your storage tanks remain API compliant. If you suspect that your company’s storage tanks require any repairs or inspection, contact Picon for assistance today.