commercial water tanks repairs

Maintaining Commercial Water Tanks

Like any piece of infrastructure, commercial water tanks require periodic repairs to remain in good condition. Performing those repairs with fiber-reinforced plastic is a great technique that offers multiple advantages, such as the following.

Advantage One: Less Downtime

When it comes to repairing water tanks, downtime can be a complicating factor. Nobody wants their tank to be out of service for any longer than it has to be. However, fiberglass repairs are typically quick, meaning the tank won’t have to leave service for long. Additionally, pipes and other elements that connect to the tank can typically remain where they are, further reducing disruptions.

Advantage Two: Versatility

Tanks can develop problems both externally and internally. Fiberglass repairs offer a way to correct either problem with one solution.

Another way fiberglass repairs are versatile is the extent to which they can be implemented. Repairs can occur all over a tank with wide-ranging problem areas, or workers can focus on smaller areas for spot repairs.

Finally, fiberglass repairs are also versatile in that they can be used to correct damage from multiple sources. For instance, when UV damage is at hand, the repair project may incorporate a UV-resistant solution to slow UV damage in the future. FRP repairs are also useful when rust or other types of corrosion have damaged a tank.

Advantage Three: Protective Liner Applications

Many commercial water tank projects are based on fiberglass liner repairs. In these projects, a liner or layers of layers are applied to the tank. These liners can fix leaks and other problems in the present, then provide long-lasting corrosion protection in the future, thus delaying or preventing the need for subsequent repairs.

Advantage Four: Preventative Maintenance Plans

Working with a company versed in applying fiberglass-based solutions means you can set up an ongoing business relationship with them. Through such a relationship, preventative maintenance plans will become available, helping you identify and correct small tank problems before they can become large, expensive ones.

Professional Fiberglass Repair for Commercial Water Tanks

If you’re in the Bay Area and are interested in learning more about what fiberglass materials can do for your water tanks, contact Picon. We can discuss your specific needs and design a project that fits your situation.